April 6, 2014

I Got The Liebster Award

I know it's been a time I've told you I would answer to the questions of my nominations to the Liebster Award, but it's not too late, so here are my replies! Also, since some questions were very similar what I've had answered before here and here, so I just skip out! =)
Thank you so much, Erin and Lauren! ♥

Starting by Erin Leigh from A Lovely Lyfe:
1. What is unique about your style that you take pride in wearing? I love clothes that fit well to my body, like waisty garments.
2. If you were going to a stranded island, what three things would you take with you? Mom, Food, Music.
3. Do you have a pet? If so, what kind? I had 2 cats when I was younger. I love cats! =^.^=
4. How often do you change your blog layout/design? I still didn't change it.
5. Liquid eye liner or pencil eye liner? Both.
6. What is your go to store for makeup or clothes, or both? Both.
7. Fads or wardrobe staples? I rather timeless trends and quality staples
8. What is your favorite genre of music? Pop, rock, country, gospel, instrumental..
9. What advise about blogging would you give a novice blogger that you wish someone had told you about when you firs started your blog? Always be yourself and talk about what you love and understand.

Now it's time for Lauren Michelle from How To: Make Home:
1. What's your ultimate goal for your blog? Inspire people.
2. What's your thought process for your regular posts? Do you have a schedule? I like to post my OOTD based of the weather I'm living in the moment.
3. What's your favorite blog or website to read? I enjoy reading many blogs, from popular to the newest ones.
4. What's your process for creating art or photographs to post on your blog? I like to mix places and outfits.
5. What's the most useful tip you've learned through blogging? I like to reply every one that comment in my blog, I think it's important these feedback and networking!
6. What's your favorite TV show? Full House; Gossip Girl; The Hills; The City; fashion shows like American Next Top Model; musical shows like The X Factor.
7. What's one thing you could not live with out? God.
8. If you were given a free, round trip flight to anywhere, where would you go? Probably to Europe, USA, Japan, Australia, there's much more! 

My nominees are... (PLEASE, check out my questions HERE and also the rules)
- Pamela from Sequins and Sea Breezes 
- Manuela from Unconventional Secrets 
- Holly Bissell from HollyDolly


  1. great post

  2. congrats! loved learning more about ya

  3. Very cool!! Congrats on the award!

  4. congrats!


  5. Good Post!!!

    Kiss Chiara

    NEW POST ON: http://www.curlsandcarrots.com/2014/04/07/curls-and-carrots-for-danilo-di-lea/

  6. Thanks so much for taking the time to answer the questions! It's fun learning more about you. And congratulations on getting TWO nominations! :)


  7. I love these awards -- they let us know more about our favorite new bloggers. I still have one to to do too.


  8. Congrats!!! I love your blog, would you like to follow each other?



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