April 16, 2014

A Fashion Trip to Disney's The Animal Kingdom

A Day at Disney's The Animal Kingdom

Today's post is very special! First of all, I'm participating in an exclusive project called "Kendra's Fashion Challenge!". Let me explain a little bit about it: Kendra Thornton is a well known travel expert, been featured on news channels and television shows such as Tyra Banks and Nate Berkus! She's planning a trip to The Animal Kingdom, Disney's theme park this spring with her family and the challenge is create inspiring looks (comfortable, cute and with a bohemian feel) to wear during this trip! 
Here's what Kendra asked me for:
"About a month ago, I started planning my family's next trip! We have been on a lot of adventures together, and I just wanted to do something different while also making sure that we go some place really fun! While I was searching through some ideas on Gogobot, I caught a glimpse of pictures from the African outback. Only it was actually photos from a trip that someone took to Animal Kingdom. Disney created the Animal Kingdom as a park that has a variety of different rides, but it's also built to be an educational exhibit. It works out well for educators, parents and kids because they get to have fun while also exploring some environmental subjects and exotic creatures. I'm very excited to bring my kids to Animal Kingdom, but one thing is holding me back. It's an issue that shouldn't be a problem, but I truly don't know what to wear for this wild trip. The first thing I know my kids want to do is go on The Wildlife Express Train. Every park has a way to get around the attractions from one end to the other, but this rustic locomotive actually takes you on an adventure to see different creatures that live at the theme park. My kids love all kinds of animals, and I know that they will love getting a look at the different scenes that Disney has created at the Animal Kingdom. The area is called Harambe, and it's made to look like the African savannah. There will likely be some really crazy animals living out here, and I'm a little nervous to see some big cats up close.   We're going to be walking around a lot and exploring all of the different rugged areas of the park. It may get a little hot, and I'll definitely want to feel comfortable no matter what ride we go on. The Wildlife Express Train isn't as strenuous as walking around the African outback, but we'll still be exploring in some areas that require durable shoes and light clothes. It's definitely important that I have some pockets and enjoy what I'm wearing as much as it is functional for an all day adventure at the theme park.   I also told my kids that Rafiki will be on the Wildlife Express Train. This is a part of the train really dedicated to teaching people about environmental issues facing the animals that we see in Harambe while on the train. Rafiki's Planet Watch gives us a look into what's going on in Africa and what's happening to some of the endangered creatures that live in this part of the world. It's so important to me that my kids learn something while we are the park because that's part of the journey as well. I'm excited to learn some things myself.   The train ride is just one part of the park that creates awareness on different animal and environmental issues facing the world today. One thing that really stood out to me about this park is how much information that they give you. This must be a great place for educators to travel to with kids. For this trip, I would really like different outfit ideas that will traverse with me as we go on some wild rides and walk in some difficult terrain! We are going to be going on some trails through the jungle and even digging through some dirt at the Dino exhibit. I want to be comfortable, cute and have a bohemian safari feel! Whatever I wear has to be durable and stand up to the all day trials as we go through each exhibit. I know that Jessica will do a perfect job finding something amazing to wear on my family trip."
#1 look (Day Out): To spend the day with the family visiting park, nothing better than a comfy outfit and yet trendy: The blouse has details in lace and cut out, the color is a trend for the season; high waisted shorts; the fringe crossbody bag is ideal to feel comfortable; the sandals with leopard print details and also a floppy hat to protect of the sun.
Blouse: Sheinside/ Shorts: Topshop/ Bag: Sole Society/ Sandal: Sperry Top-Sider/ Earring: Rebecca Minkoff/ Bracelet: Juicy Couture/ Hat: Victoria's Secret

O post de hoje é muito especial ! Antes de tudo, estou participando de um projeto exclusivo chamado "Kendra's Fashion Challenge!". Deixe-me explicar um pouco sobre isso : Kendra Thornton é uma especialista em viagens bastante conhecida, foi destaque em telejornais e programas de televisão, como Tyra Banks e Nate Berkus! E está planejando uma viagem ao The Animal Kingdom, da Disney na primavera deste ano com a sua família, e o desafio é criar looks inspiradores (confortáveis, bonitos e com um toque boho ) para usar durante esta viagem!

1º look (Dia): Para passar o dia com a família visitando o parque, nada melhor do que uma roupa confortável e ainda estilosa: A blusa tem detalhes em rendas e pequenos recortes, a cor é uma tendência para a temporada; shorts de cintura alta; a bolsa de franja é ideal para se sentir confortável; sandálias com detalhes com estampa de leopardo e também chapéu floppy para proteger do sol.
Blusa: Sheinside/ Short: Topshop/ Bolsa: Sole Society/ Sandália: Sperry Top-Sider/ Brinco: Rebecca Minkoff/ Pulseira: Juicy Couture/ Chapéu: Victoria's Secret

Night Out at Disney's The Animal Kingdom

#2 look (Night Out): For the night, a boho chic look is amazing and glam. The crop top has chains applied so you don't need to wear necklaces; pants with safari prints; a studded fringe bag is very charming; and the wedges are quite comfy!
Crop top: River Island/ Pants: Valentino/ Bag: Valentino C-Rockee/ Sandals: JustFab/ Earring: Rebecca Minkoff/ Bracelet: Henri Bendel

2º look (Noite): Para a noite, um look boho chique fica incrível e glamouroso. O top cropped tem correntes aplicadas, de modo que você não precisa usar colares; calças com estampas safari; a bolsa de franja e aplicações de tachas é muito charmosa; e as sandálias de plataforma são bastante confortáveis!
Top cropped: River Island/ Calças: Valentino/ Bolsa: Valentino C-Rockee/ Sandália: JustFab/ Brinco: Rebecca Minkoff/ Pulseira: Henri Bendel 


  1. Love the aqua colour of the blouse and the bag is so cute!

  2. Such great looks! Especially the first one! I really want to go to Disney Land or world (spoiler, if everything goes right I might go to Disney Land in June) so these are great inspiration! Thanks for sharing!


  3. How cute this bag with fringes!! Hello dear stay in touch.


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  4. Animal Kingdom is so fun!! Your going to have a blast! Love both these looks!!

    <3 Shannon

  5. both of those sets are amazing!:) but i just adore trausers from second one.

  6. What a fun challenge to participate in! Love the first look!

  7. what an nice post. adore the looks you pocked out. thanks for sharing.

  8. Love both looks! :) Thanks for your comment on my blog!

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    Twitter: Noemi Sorace

  9. I adore this 2nd set, it's perfect!


  10. second outfit is the best . I love it <3

  11. Amazing! Feel summer!

  12. wow! such a nice post dear! Love these looks!

  13. Nice pictures

  14. the second look is absolutely amazing!♥ love the pants!:)


  15. Such a cute outfit! I'd definitely wear the first look!
    lexi // thelittlebrunette

  16. Great post, love the second outfit!

    Kirsten x


  17. Hola!!!
    Magnífico post, bonita selección de prendas


  18. That first look is my favorite! :)
    xo TJ


  19. Love that mint top!


  20. In love with the first look! the sandals are great


  21. Loving these picks!

  22. What a great post idea!
    Love it so unique!
    I actually love those tribal looking pants :D So perfect for Animal Kingdom!
    xo Holly xo


  23. Love the first one!!


  24. So jealous! Love the second outfit.


  25. Great inspirations!
    New post on my Blog ;)

  26. Thank you for your comment ;)
    The first look is so cool!! :)


  27. Fantastic fashion challenge and beautiful ideas! x

  28. I love both of those bags! Animal Kingdom is really cool - i hope to go back again soon!


  29. Ahh, both outfits are super gorgeous! I am definitely in love with that light blue blouse- seems like a perfect piece for the summer!


  30. love these looks!
    xx http://floortjeloves.blogspot.com

  31. OMG this post is so fun!! I love both these looks and they are totally perfect for Animal Kingdom!!

    <3, Pamela

  32. I love every post of you and you always have such great ideas!


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  33. What great Disney World inspired clothes! It reminds me of my own Animal Kingdom experience :) Thank you for sharing!

  34. I absolutely love this outfit. This is definitely something that I would wear.
    The designs really reflect the Animal Kingdom entirely.

    Vanessa x



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